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Web Screen Saver 2010SE

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Web Screen Saver 2010SE

Display content on a screensaver

Web Screen Saver

Display content on a screensaver: PowerPoint slideshows, Video files, Flash animations, web pages and RSS feeds. Update the content through the network. All features included in Web Screen Saver 2010SE.

Use screensave time to display useful content on every computer in your organization. When nobody uses a desktop, it will display an automated presentation of HTML pages and/or files you choose.

You can also display all pages referred from any RSS news feed. These pages automatically populate the Web Screen Saver page list. When the feed is updated, new pages will be automatically displayed through this page loop.

Web Screen Saver is also able to retrieve PowerPoint slide shows (.pps or .ppt files), video (.avi for instance) or Flash files (.swf) from the web or any file server and display them as a screensaver.

When the files are updated on the server, the software retrieves the new version and always display up-to-date information on every screensaver.

  • Download Web Screen Saver now for free evaluation.
  • Follow installation instructions.
  • Then, visit our samples section to discover true web sites presentations.
  • Or type the URL of your favorite web site:
  • Build your own presentation with your web pages. If you need more information about Web Screen Saver, read the documentation section.
  • Register Web Screen Saver online through a secure server. Web Screen Saver costs only $19.95 USD. Ordering service is provided by Register Now!, a Digital River service.
    Register more for less with our decreasing price scale.

How does it works?

Web Screen Saver software displays web pages following two modes:

  • Screen saver: Enter any number of web pages in a screensaver. All these pages get displayed automatically.
  • Full screen web browser: You get all the power of Microsoft Internet Explorer without the waste of screen space (caption bar, menu, navigation buttons, status bar). Full screen display allows a surface increase of nearly 30% in a 800x600 resolution.

Screen saver

In that mode, Web Screen Saver handles navigation between pages. Web pages are displayed in a presentation without any user intervention. Here is a more detailed description of Web Screen Saver functionality:

  • It is possible to display any page which is bookmarkable.
  • It is possible to insert several dozens of pages in an automatic screensaver sequence.
  • Auto loop at the end of the sequence so that the display goes on with the first page.
  • You can specify a different display delay for each page.
  • Optimized display of web pages with pre-loaded pictures for a better visual comfort.
  • You can switch to full screen web browser at any moment to browse pages manually, and not on a scheduled basis.
  • Floating tool bar is available so that you get access to all functionality to control screensaver:

Full screen web browser

In that mode, the user browses from page to page in a similar way as with any web browser. However, these new features are available:

  • It is possible to restrict the user navigation with the use of filters. These filters can be used to limit access to predefined web sites. Also, these filters can be used to exclude some parts of web sites from navigation.
  • Web page display depends on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 6. So, Web Screen Saver can display any extension handled by this web browser.
  • Buttons displayed on the navigation floating tool bar can be fully customized. So, you can disable any function that you don't need by switching the button to invisible. Also, you can change the picture displayed on buttons in order to really get the look that you want.
  • You can switch to screensaver mode with just a mouse click. Of course, this screensaver can be launched automatically by Windows after a certain amount of time.
  • Floating tool bar that contains essential functions of a web browser. These functions are similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer basic functions:

Web Screen Saver Configuration

The Configuration dialog box allows you to define all the parameters for Web Screen Saver, especially the list of URL to display:

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or 6
  • Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Pentium 4 or compatible systems
  • 2 MB available hard drive space for program files
  • LAN or modem connection to the internet is highly recommended

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